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[Linrad] linrad from scratch

Ok,  read and followed site instructions for initial setup of Linrad,
and compiled 03.03 without problems under ubuntu. I have two sound
devices attached to pc - one is on board chip and the other is sb16. I
have conventional receiver plugged into sb16's line in, and headphones
are plugged into on-board's line out. I setup linrad's input device
sb16 and output on-board, did that because if I plug headphones and
radio in the same device, I hear signal from radio all the time and
dont have a slightest idea how to disable it.  Linrad shows for some
reason the message, when I choose input/output device, that the system
uses OSS or Alsa-OSS but I know that I didnt do any changes to the
system, and oss packages are not installed, so, I suppose I use alsa.
Anyway, the result of all my following the manual, is the silence in
headphones and no signal on linrad's screen. What do i do wrong? how
to set this thing up? any help appreciated.

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