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[Linrad] Re: First real EME tests with MAP65-IQ

At 08:33 AM 3/30/2009, Joe Taylor wrote:
>You should not be seeing those horizontal streaks in your
>waterfall displays.  It's hard to know what to advise that
>you need to change; Leif's suggestions about signal levels
>and those above are a good place to start.

On plain old JT-65, I see them when local noise interference drives 
my AGC down (and the AF level).

>There was a big pile-up calling and working E51EME at the
>time -- congratulations on your own QSO, which I recorded --
>and MAP65-IQ decoded many of the calling stations as well as
>E51EME.  MAP65 decoded more of the calling stations than did
>MAP65-IQ -- sometimes as many as ten in a single minute --
>but the ones decoded by MAP65, but missed by MAP65-IQ, were
>nearly always the ones with polarization close to 90 degrees
>away from being matched to the single-pol system.  The
>signal levels reported by MAP65-IQ and MAP65 were usually 0
>or +/-1 dB for stations that were within 30 deg or so of the
>matched polarization angle.  In short, I observed no
>problems with the sensitivity of the MAP65-IQ decoder.  On
>one or two occasions, MAP65-IQ decoded a signal that MAP65
>missed.  This was an extreme situation, to be sure -- there
>were at least 10-20 JT65 signals, all blasting away within
>+/- 1 kHz of the band.

I was lucky to work E51EME within 15-min of monitoring.  Good 
conditions and timing.  I was Tx-Hpol and Rx-Vpol.  Cross-pol 
conditions were common this weekend and my xpol array proved its 
value time and again.  20-contacts of which 18 were initials.  E51 
was my sole new DXCC.

Earlier, K6MYC and I exchanged reports and we explored 
polarity.  Mike received me -26 Hpol and -25 Vpol, nearly perfect 
45-degree polarity offset.  My best signal report was -21 which makes 
me happy with my 4x array and 415w at the antenna (600w PA output).

I was happy to work you random at the beginning of the weekend (H/H 
-22 at 2130 28Mar09).

I am now getting started on the W6PQL 23cm 300w sspa (kit) with hopes 
to be QRV end of May.

73, Ed - KL7UW              BP40iq, 6m - 3cm
144-EME: FT-847, mgf-1801, 4x-xp20, 8877-600w
1296-EME: DEMI-Xvtr, 0.30 dBNF, 4.9m dish, 60/300W  (not QRV)
http://www.kl7uw.com       AK VHF-Up Group
NA Rep. for DUBUS: dubususa@xxxxxxxxxxx

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