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[Linrad] Re: Map65IQ and softrock V9

At 07:40 AM 3/26/2009, you wrote:

>Hi Ed,
>If one might be contemplating spending even $2000 towards good rx on 
>2m, Leif's WSE converters and a good sound card would be the place 
>to drop your money, as then LinRad, MAP65 and plenty of support 
>exists already. Plus the simplicity of hardware, you then also have 
>just One software to deal with as far as the receivers.
>Doing this myself I had a Huge learning curve, but once the stitches 
>healed, I couldn't think of using anything else currently available. 
>Plus - oh my gosh the cw ability with these things.
>Jeremy w7eme

Truth is that I probably will not invest any money this year.  I can 
proceed with what I have which is running my standard H/V switching 
JT65 2m station (FT-847) and splitting off the 2m Rx signal to the 
DEMI 144/28+SDR-IQ and running Linrad+MAP65iq.  Not the ultimate 
solution but should make random JT65 operating work pretty good.

I have other needs than just the ultimate eme Rx.  The Flex-5000 and 
K3 are pretty much the ultimate HF radios (but expensive).  I am 
preparing to get on 160m and 600m.  The K3 attracts from the small 
package that can go portable for mw.  I may wait to see what develops 
in the SDR area.  Eventually, being able to run dual-pol into Linrad 
is a 2m-eme goal.

On 1296 my single Rx system will work fine since CP is used.  I will 
be able to run CW/SSB/JT65 with Linrad and MAP65iq.

Waiting may be the smart move?

73, Ed - KL7UW

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