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[Linrad] Re: Map65IQ and softrock V9

I have also been watching the development of this radio and would like 
to see it work well with Linrad.

Would it support 2 radios with one si570?

73, KD7HGL

Kleibe wrote:
> I agree with Dom about a dual rx downconverter. I can manage linux/
> linrad but the average hardware is not often heard in the linrad
> reflector. I think something like UHFSDR from W6DHW
> http://wb6dhw.com/Under_Development.html  should be a good start point
> or something new.
> 73
> Kleibe
> On 26 mar, 03:29, "f6dro" <f6...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hi Jacques ,
>> in fact , to obtain full adavanrage what we need is a design able to use
>> fully Linrad , I mean V and H simultaneously and being able to get optimum
>> signals any time. WSE RX is perfectly OK , but a bit too expensive for the
>> average ham.We need a " dual channel system for the poor ham"
>> 73
>> Dom
> > 

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