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[Linrad] MAP65-IQ and Kaspersky antivirus

I have been playing a little with R1102 and I have found that Kasperksy
antivirus is blocking the data exchange between Linrad and MAP65-IQ after 40
seconds.   I mean that from second 40 to the end of the minute MAP65-IQ
shows the red "No data" message. At minute 0 it starts receiving data again
for another 40 seconds and so on....

I tried adding both Linrad and MAP65-IQ to the exclusion list of the
antivirus but it still fails.

So far disabling the antivirus has been the only way to avoid the problem,
but I don't like this solution at all becasue I use the same computer for
connecting to Internet and Kaspersky is also my firewall program....

Any ideas?

73. Gabriel - EA6VQ
Web-Site: HTTP://www.vhfdx.net <HTTP://www.vhfdx.net>
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