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[Moon-net] New release of MAP65-IQ

Hello Moonbouncers,

A new version of MAP65-IQ (*see below) has been placed on the WSJT web site at

http://physics.princeton.edu/pulsar/K1JT/MAP65-IQ_r1102.EXE .

If you have been testing the first MAP65-IQ release, you should definitely upgrade to this one. Basic operation is the same, but the new program version is much easier to put into operation.

In the belief that most users will run Linrad and MAP65-IQ on a single computer, and to make the Linrad setup easier for first-time users, the MAP65-IQ package now includes a Linrad installation (version 3.03) and a full set of Linrad parameter files. If you already have Linrad installed and operating, you may ignore everything the Linrad subdirectory. If you are new to Linrad, these things may help you get started.

I hope to have a new manual for MAP65 and MAP65-IQ ready for distribution soon. In the meantime, please post any questions about setup to the Linrad reflector.

	-- 73, Joe, K1JT

*As a reminder:
MAP65-IQ is a single-polarization version of MAP65. It works together with the SDR-IQ receiver from RFSpace, and the Linrad software. The combination makes a superb receiver for digital EME, optimized for single-polarization stations, with wideband panoramic display. All three sub-modes (JT65A, B, and C) are supported. The program is free, and source code is available.

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