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[Linrad] Re: MAP65-IQ and Kaspersky antivirus

Hi Gabriel and all,

When running programs with real-time requirements like the 
Linrad/MAP65 combination, you do not want other programs 
trying to control their inter-communication without your 
knowledge or permission.  I know nothing about the Kasperksy 
program, but I strongly recommend disabling any virus and 
spyware protection, etc., from your Linrad/MAP65 computer. 
Who knows what these programs may try to do?

Disconnecting the computer from the outside world (at least 
while you are using Linrad/MAP65-IQ) is much better 
protection against malware, anyway.  :-)

You are probably already far beyond needing it, but I have 
just posted a draft "Quick Start Guide" for MAP65-IQ on the 
WSJT home page.  The direct link is


Request to anyone who has been using MAP65-IQ:

1. Please upgrade to r1102, if you have not already done so.
2. Post your comments and suggestions on this reflector.
3. What problems did you have getting r1102 to work?
4. What else should be included in the Quick Start Guide?

	-- 73, Joe, K1JT

Gabriel - EA6VQ wrote:
> I have been playing a little with R1102 and I have found that Kasperksy
> antivirus is blocking the data exchange between Linrad and MAP65-IQ after 40
> seconds.   I mean that from second 40 to the end of the minute MAP65-IQ
> shows the red "No data" message. At minute 0 it starts receiving data again
> for another 40 seconds and so on....
> I tried adding both Linrad and MAP65-IQ to the exclusion list of the
> antivirus but it still fails.
> So far disabling the antivirus has been the only way to avoid the problem,
> but I don't like this solution at all becasue I use the same computer for
> connecting to Internet and Kaspersky is also my firewall program....
> Any ideas?
> 73. Gabriel - EA6VQ

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