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[Linrad] Re: New release of MAP65-IQ


I tried using versio r1102 of MAP65-IQ. It's not working for me. After
getting everything going with both Linrad (3.03) and MAP65-IQ, the
application simply closes right when I would expect a decode operation
to be complete. I have run the test three or four times and I get the
same result. I tried enabling diagnostics but when the application
closes, I cannot see any results. I will go back to the prior version
for now.


On Mar 22, 12:00 am, Joe Taylor <j...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello Moonbouncers,
> A new version of MAP65-IQ (*see below) has been placed on the WSJT web
> site at
> http://physics.princeton.edu/pulsar/K1JT/MAP65-IQ_r1102.EXE.
> If you have been testing the first MAP65-IQ release, you should
> definitely upgrade to this one.  Basic operation is the same, but the
> new program version is much easier to put into operation.
> In the belief that most users will run Linrad and MAP65-IQ on a single
> computer, and to make the Linrad setup easier for first-time users, the
> MAP65-IQ package now includes a Linrad installation (version 3.03) and a
> full set of Linrad parameter files.  If you already have Linrad
> installed and operating, you may ignore everything the Linrad
> subdirectory.  If you are new to Linrad, these things may help you get
> started.
> I hope to have a new manual for MAP65 and MAP65-IQ ready for
> distribution soon.  In the meantime, please post any questions about
> setup to the Linrad reflector.
>         -- 73, Joe, K1JT
> *As a reminder:
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> MAP65-IQ is a single-polarization version of MAP65.  It works together
> with the SDR-IQ receiver from RFSpace, and the Linrad software.  The
> combination makes a superb receiver for digital EME, optimized for
> single-polarization stations, with wideband panoramic display.  All
> three sub-modes (JT65A, B, and C) are supported.  The program is free,
> and source code is available.
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