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[Linrad] Linrad/SDR-IQ Notes

It is nearly a year since I posted some notes on my Linrad/SDR-IQ
http://www.vhfdx.radiocorner.net/LinradSDRIQ.html and links from
How the months slip by!
Those notes were written as much for my own reference
as that of others, but I know that others have found them useful!

They were based on Linrad v2-43, which I have been happily using for
that year.
However with the arrival of MAP65-IQ, it is obviously time to update
I propose to do that shortly, as soon as Linrad v3-03 becomes
This will be the first version which allows the user to set the
to AboveNormal within the setup procedure, avoiding the need for
the target in the Linrad shortcut or creating a special batch file.
We have all found that this priority setting is critical to smooth
with MAP65-IQ.

Guy  VK2KU
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