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[Linrad] Re: Non-callsign showing up in Bandmap window

Hi Ned and all,

Yes, you will find some quaint peculiarities in the way MAP65 operates. 
  The particular one that you mention -- the Band Map being not very 
fussy about what it considers a "callsign" -- is one that I have not 
considered annoying enough to devote the time necessary to correct.

An item now appears in the Band Map because it was the second "word" in 
a decoded text message.  No testing is done to see if it bears any 
resemblance to a callsign.

Despite what I've said, I appreciate the report and suggestion.  Please 
keep the copmments coming!  In due course, I'll devote the time to do a 
lot of this sort of program polishing.  Recently, however, I've given 
higher priority to several other tasks: for example, writing a wholly 
new EME chapter for the 2010 ARRL Handbook and creating the "-IQ" 
version of MAP65.  A Manual for MAP65 needs to be written, also.

	-- Joe, K1JT

nedstearns@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I had fun last night using MAP65-IQ on 2m EME. My hats off to Joe,
> Leif and everyone else who helped me muddle through the maze. I
> enjoyed every minute of the effort and promise to continue on with
> this effort until I catch up. This is very exciting stuff.
> I observed an item last night that I suggest be considered for
> investigation. N7SC was sending a free text message at the end of a
> QSO and one of the words in the message (the name of the other op in
> the QSO) showed up in the bandmap as a callsign. The first two letters
> of his name (ERic) are a valid prefix, I guess, but it is clearly not
> a valid callsign.
> Only thing to note so far.
> Ned
> AA7A

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