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[Linrad] Re: Linrad/SDR-IQ Notes

Guy, et. al.

Thanks for the reference link. I learned a lot by reading your 
explanation of decimation. I believe that info should also apply to 
using the SDR-14.  I am still using LINRAD 2.41. I was able to get it 
running with your help and also help from Leif many months ago. I am 
wondering if it is worth the effort to go to a later version. Is the 
sensitivity improved in the later versions of LINRAD?  I use mine only 
for terrestrial microwave and a little VHF/UHF. It is working quite 
well. I did use it with an EME QSO with HB9Q last week and I could see 
the signal I was working. I didn't use it to decode CW. I did that by 
ear in my headphones.

I enjoy reading all the posts, but must admit I don't understand most of 
it. I am at best a casual user of the program and a marginal computer user.


Dave, K4TO

VK2KU wrote:
> It is nearly a year since I posted some notes on my Linrad/SDR-IQ
> setup:
> http://www.vhfdx.radiocorner.net/LinradSDRIQ.html and links from
> there.
> How the months slip by!
> Those notes were written as much for my own reference
> as that of others, but I know that others have found them useful!
> They were based on Linrad v2-43, which I have been happily using for
> that year.
> However with the arrival of MAP65-IQ, it is obviously time to update
> them.
> I propose to do that shortly, as soon as Linrad v3-03 becomes
> available.
> This will be the first version which allows the user to set the
> priority
> to AboveNormal within the setup procedure, avoiding the need for
> editing
> the target in the Linrad shortcut or creating a special batch file.
> We have all found that this priority setting is critical to smooth
> running
> with MAP65-IQ.
> Guy  VK2KU
> > 

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