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[Linrad] Re: What about MAP65 NATIVE ??

Hi Alex and all,

> Is wonderful to see how big effort you are doing with MAP65, MAP65-IQ, WSJT
> and WSPR,my congratullations for that but please don't forget MAP65
> (native), we still in BETA 0.9 and in the mid time you delivery two new
> programs (WSPR and now MAP65-IQ) and the real Adaptive polarization program
> still in BETA for long time without any change.

I don't know why you would think there have been no changes in MAP65 for 
a long time.  A quick check of the source code repository shows, for 
example, that there have been 48 revisions to MAP65 that since WSPR was 
introduced in March 2008.  If you are running MAP65 v0.9 r1026 then you 
already have the benefit of most of these revisions.

> Maybe you have no plans to continue the develop  MAP65??, 

I cannot imagine why you would think this might be true.  I use MAP65 
for all of my EME activity; I am always looking for possible ways to 
improve it.

> well for those like me will be very sad if we didn't have the chance to play
> arround with a stable MAP65 1.0 with all the recomendations we give many
> month ago, or maybe we didn't test enought MAP65 to produce a final version?

MAP65 is stable, and has been so for a long time.  I cannot recall any 
suggestions for MAP65 improvements that I have considered feasible and 
that have not been implemented.  If you have suggestions -- or if I 
appear to have forgotten something you suggested already -- please post 
it again.

	-- 73, Joe, K1JT

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