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[Linrad] Re: SDR-IQ + LINRAD

DMA rate:
tnx for reply Leif , now my Linrad copy is working.
I'll have to run gain calibration. I have several hardwares runing , but 
using the same PC and same Linrad. All of them are using SDR-IQ , but 
sometimes , I use it on 2m,
23cm , 6cm or 3cm. Is it necessary to calibrate the full hardware chain , or 
SDR-IQ is enougth?
If it is necessary to get a different calibration on each band , as , if I 
am rigth , there is only one calibration file possible , should I have on 
the PC a Linrad for each band?
Now I must also work on parameters to get a normal CW setup ( something like 
1Khz filter) with a faster waterfall , and same with SSB.

73 and tnx for help


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