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[Linrad] What about MAP65 NATIVE ??

Dear Joe

Is wonderful to see how big effort you are doing with MAP65, MAP65-IQ, WSJT
and WSPR,my congratullations for that but please don't forget MAP65
(native), we still in BETA 0.9 and in the mid time you delivery two new
programs (WSPR and now MAP65-IQ) and the real Adaptive polarization program
still in BETA for long time without any change.

Maybe you have no plans to continue the develop  MAP65??, or maybe another
new nice piece of software is just cooking in your PC or just in your mind?,
well for those like me will be very sad if we didn't have the chance to play
arround with a stable MAP65 1.0 with all the recomendations we give many
month ago, or maybe we didn't test enought MAP65 to produce a final version?

Will be very nice to know what are your plans, I see a lot of demand about
MAP65-IQ and I understand, not everybody have the chance to have a dual
adaptive polarization recepction but also don't forget all the people who
invest time in dual RX systems, WSE converters, Linrad, home made IQ
receptors etc. We are wating for you.

May be will be nice to know what can be do for you or at least what are your
plans or what is missing

Best regards

73 de Alex, HB9DRI

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