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[Linrad] Re: MAP65 for SDR-IQ


I only see one in my list of active processes in TM. Not sure why you
would see two. More than one instance running? Try stopping one and
see if you still have them applications in the system tray.

Another thing...once I got the data to send properly across the
network, I no longer had to mess with setting the priority of Linrad.
Maybe there is some issue with using the local host. Have another CPU
on your local network and try what worked for me?


On Mar 3, 5:36 am, VK2KU <vk...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Interesting, Ned.
> I just tried putting the CR after in par_netsend_ip ,
> as Gabriel suggested.
> The netsend error vanished, and Linrad pretty much froze up,
> though after about 1 minute the mouse was useable!
> Still no data in MAP65-IQ.
> I tried changing the priority of Linrad (which one of 2 processes?)
> with no improvement.
> I mean there are 2 linrad processes running in TM, one with a DOS-type
> icon,
> the other different.
> Guy  VK2KU
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