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[Linrad] P Port issues?

Aloha to all:

I want to put Linrad and MAP65 on another machine. This is all okay I think and is running with exception of I can't get parallel port to operate for control of WSE converters on this machine? Also can't seem to find output for MAP65 to use? Wonder if they are related? A message from Leif in Linrad says I don't have access to "inpout32.dll". Using a search inside Windows XP shows no such file. I have downloaded this dll but no matter where I put it, I can't get use of the comms nor can I get MAP65 to hear anything from Linrad? Linrad IS hearing converters and that part is playing good.

PC is just 2.8GHz and 1GB ram. Input audio is Delta44 and in Linrad output to speaker/headphone is PC soundcard. Is this part okay? 

I did not experience any of these things on my other computer? Both of these machines have the same V3.02 Linrad and whatever is current from Joe on MAP65. I don't see that dll anywhere in the other machine?

Do I need to put that "inpout32.dll" file in Windows somewhere to make me parallel port work? Any ideas on why MAP65 can't hear Linrad under my Windows XP?

73 Jeremy w7eme

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