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[Linrad] Re: MAP65 for SDR-IQ

Anyone of a number of firewall programs, in particular the horror zone 
alarm,  will result in this.  Zone alarm is extremely protective.  It is 
so protective you might as well give up on the internet because it will 
cause these problems at the weirdest of moments and NOT alert you.  It 
is so protective that it causes some operations to screech to a halt as 
it makes sure you are not coming in through an unpleasant orifice.

I removed it and went to Windows firewall and have been quite happy with 
  it and other lower footprint protections.


Joe Taylor wrote:
> Several users trying to set up Linrad and MAP65-IQ on a single Windows 
> computer have reported that the "localhost" address fails to 
> work as expected.  I do not yet know why this fails; apparently Windows 
> (or maybe another program running in the background?) prevents Linrad 
> from sending packets explicitly to
> Anyway, as a solution -- on the Linrad "Network set up" screen enter the 
> computer's own IP address for item #2.
> Let me suggest that questions, bug reports, discovered work-arounds, and 
> reports of success with the SDR-IQ/Linrad/MAP65-IQ combination should be 
>   sent to the Linrad reflector, so that all may benefit.
> 	-- 73, Joe, K1JT
> > 

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