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[Linrad] Re: MAP65 for SDR-IQ

Hello Moonbouncers,

Today I spent a few hours at the K2UYH station, along with K2TXB, giving 
the new program MAP65-IQ a thorough workout on 1296 MHz.

Our tests were a great success.  We digitally recorded a 90 kHz slice of 
the 1296 band  -- roughly 1296.005 to 1296.095 -- for a couple of hours. 
  The recordings contain many signals, both CW and JT65, and they will 
be very useful to me in optimizing the MAP65-IQ code.  During the tests 
we worked PA3FXB, RD6DA, and W7UPF in JT65C mode -- thanks Jan, Yuri, 
and Don for the QSOs!  We also copied K8EB... and many repetitions of 
PA3FXB and RD6DA calling CQ.

As I reported here a couple of weeks ago, MAP65-IQ is a 
single-polarization version of MAP65.  It works together with the SDR-IQ 
receiver from RFSpace, and the Linrad software.  The combination makes a 
superb receiver for digital EME, with wideband panoramic display, and 
optimized for single-polarization stations.  All three sub-modes (JT65A, 
B, and C) are supported.

MAP65-IQ is now ready for testing by others.  Fair warning: it still has 
a few rough spots.  (They are related to code inherited from MAP65, 
which is explicitly designed for single-mode, single-band, 
dual-polarization systems at 144 MHz.)  I hope to find time to do some 
necessary polishing of the user interface in the next few weeks.

To use MAP65-IQ you'll need a receiving setup with an SDR-IQ under 
control of Linrad.  You can run Linrad and MAP65-IQ on separate 
computers, or on the same computer.  Linrad runs under Linux or Windows; 
MAP65-IQ can be compiled for Linux, but the version now being made 
available for download is Windows only.  In today's tests we used a 
single Windows computer for both programs, and this worked very well.

Some basic instructions -- enough to get you started, I hope -- have 
been posted on the WSJT web site at


You can download the MAP65-IQ installation file from


Please feel free to ask questions or provide feedback here (especially 
if it will be of interest to other users) or to me directly.

	-- 73, Joe, K1JT

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