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[Linrad] Re: MAP65 for SDR-IQ

Hi Alex,

Many thanks for your reply to my post about MAP65-IQ!  I 
expect that within about one more week I will be ready to 
package the program with some basic instructions so that 
others may test it and provide feedback.  I'll let you know 
when it is ready!

     -- 73, Joe, K1JT

Alex Artieda wrote:
> Hi Joe
> Very nice news about MAP65-IQ, off course we are interested in test your new
> version in HB9Q, we still using the 15m dish only for RX in 2m but spring is
> comming and we have everything ready to move 2m to the dish (TX/RX), never
> the less the 8 x M2 yagis still operative and I can setup MAP65-IQ with the
> yagis and compare with MAP65 0.9 Beta.
> Regarding MAP65-Linrad in 432 MHz I just finísh on November a Dual-RX
> downconverter from 432 MHz to 70 MHz, Leif have no WSE converters for 70cm
> but I build one with the help of Leif, is not yet tested on the air but is
> optimized on the bench (NF, gain and IP3) to match the complete RX line
> unitl the DELTA44, we use hours of simulation selecting the properly mmc
> amplifiers, mixers, etc, the system run and will be available on the dish
> for 432 MHz soon, I will tell you how it Works.
> 73 de Alex, HB9DRI
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