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[Linrad] Re: LINRAD and SDR IQ

Hi Mario,

> some progress made !!!!

> Let me recap what I did :
> 1 - I downloaded lir 03-2.
> 2 - I have to issue the cmd : "chmod a+x ./configure" before being able to 
> use configure, but after that everything worked perfectly. Do not understand 
> why.
This is new to me. The configure script and the linrad executable
have the same flags on my system. Maybe UBUNTU changes flags on
executable files when unpacking with bunzip2 (or tar -xvfj). 
Or maybe there is some unpacker in X11 that you used. UBUNTU
seems to introduce safety featutes now and then that make things

It is a long time since anyone posted installation questions on
this list and it seems I will have to rewrite the installation
instructions. Is there someone out there who would woulounteer to 
assist in this? I do not use UBUNTU myself.......

> 3 - I issued "make sdr14" : : ok
> 4 - I issued "make linrad" : ok
> 5 - I tried : "./linrad" but the systems answered : "is svglib_helper 
> modeule loaded ?"

> 6 - I issued "make xlinrad" : ok
> 7 - I issued : ./xlinrad : ok
> I think I have a proble with svgalib : I repeated all the intallation as per 
> your instructions, but when I Issue "make install" I am getting several 
> errors ; something to do with UBUNTU 8.1 ? I am using svgalib 1925.
svgalib 1.9.25 is a pre-release. Not too well supported. The Linux kernel
has been changed many times since 1.9.25 was released and the code for
the svgalib kernel module has not been updated. 

Luckily one does not need the kernel module any more. By running Linrad
as root you can use the option NoHelper in the svgalib configuration
file /etc/vga/libvga.config  

I prefer svgalib in terminal mode over xlinrad under X11. 

> When I run "./xlinrad", anyway, the system apparently do not see the SDR-IQ.
After you executed the "make sdr14" command you have to reboot.
(Or install the ftdi driver manually "/etc/linrad/usb_sdr14 start")

> I do see think progressing, at the end I will restart from scratch and will 
> write down the full procedure , so it will help some other newcomer like me 
> !!
Oooh! That will be fine:-)


Leif / SM5BSZ

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