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[Linrad] Re: LINRAD and SDR IQ

Hi Leif,

another small step ..... !!
Now bypassing the helper by editing the "libvga.config" the command ./linrad 
ask to run linrad in root mode BUT when I do that ( with sudo command )  the 
program first blank the screen and after that gives a very colored screen 
good for this period of carnival ... but less useful for Linrad .... ah ah

Maybe there is still some problem with svgalib; what I am planning to do is 
to install the latest version of svgalib and see what will happen..

Running ./xlinrad ( even after rebooting after running "make sdr14" ) still 
the system do not see the SDR and ask for sound card.

I will have some time, I hope, during the week end !!

Any other hint will be much appreciated !

73 de i0naa, Mario

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Sent: Tuesday, February 24, 2009 2:32 AM
Subject: [Linrad] Re: LINRAD and SDR IQ

> Hi Mario,
>> some progress made !!!!
> Good:-)
>> Let me recap what I did :
>> 1 - I downloaded lir 03-2.
>> 2 - I have to issue the cmd : "chmod a+x ./configure" before being able 
>> to
>> use configure, but after that everything worked perfectly. Do not 
>> understand
>> why.
> This is new to me. The configure script and the linrad executable
> have the same flags on my system. Maybe UBUNTU changes flags on
> executable files when unpacking with bunzip2 (or tar -xvfj).
> Or maybe there is some unpacker in X11 that you used. UBUNTU
> seems to introduce safety featutes now and then that make things
> complicated.
> It is a long time since anyone posted installation questions on
> this list and it seems I will have to rewrite the installation
> instructions. Is there someone out there who would woulounteer to
> assist in this? I do not use UBUNTU myself.......
>> 3 - I issued "make sdr14" : : ok
>> 4 - I issued "make linrad" : ok
>> 5 - I tried : "./linrad" but the systems answered : "is svglib_helper
>> modeule loaded ?"
> OK.
>> 6 - I issued "make xlinrad" : ok
>> 7 - I issued : ./xlinrad : ok
>> I think I have a proble with svgalib : I repeated all the intallation as 
>> per
>> your instructions, but when I Issue "make install" I am getting several
>> errors ; something to do with UBUNTU 8.1 ? I am using svgalib 1925.
> svgalib 1.9.25 is a pre-release. Not too well supported. The Linux kernel
> has been changed many times since 1.9.25 was released and the code for
> the svgalib kernel module has not been updated.
> Luckily one does not need the kernel module any more. By running Linrad
> as root you can use the option NoHelper in the svgalib configuration
> file /etc/vga/libvga.config
> I prefer svgalib in terminal mode over xlinrad under X11.
>> When I run "./xlinrad", anyway, the system apparently do not see the 
>> SDR-IQ.
> After you executed the "make sdr14" command you have to reboot.
> (Or install the ftdi driver manually "/etc/linrad/usb_sdr14 start")
>> I do see think progressing, at the end I will restart from scratch and 
>> will
>> write down the full procedure , so it will help some other newcomer like 
>> me
>> !!
> Oooh! That will be fine:-)
> 73
> Leif / SM5BSZ
> > 

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