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[Linrad] Re: MAP65 for SDR-IQ

Hi Joe

Very nice news about MAP65-IQ, off course we are interested in test your new
version in HB9Q, we still using the 15m dish only for RX in 2m but spring is
comming and we have everything ready to move 2m to the dish (TX/RX), never
the less the 8 x M2 yagis still operative and I can setup MAP65-IQ with the
yagis and compare with MAP65 0.9 Beta.

Regarding MAP65-Linrad in 432 MHz I just finísh on November a Dual-RX
downconverter from 432 MHz to 70 MHz, Leif have no WSE converters for 70cm
but I build one with the help of Leif, is not yet tested on the air but is
optimized on the bench (NF, gain and IP3) to match the complete RX line
unitl the DELTA44, we use hours of simulation selecting the properly mmc
amplifiers, mixers, etc, the system run and will be available on the dish
for 432 MHz soon, I will tell you how it Works.

73 de Alex, HB9DRI

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