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[Linrad] Re: Linrad and HPSDR

Hi Ken,
> I have been waiting for someone to breach the subject (and for Leif to be back from holidays).
> I now have a pair of Mercury boards and am hoping that Linrad will accomodate the USB input so that I can use this setup for MAP65 and polarity diversity.
> Ideally, someone in HPSDR will modify OZY so that it supports two Mercury receivers into one USB connection.
> But even without that, one could use a second OZY and connect the two receivers to two USB ports  - if Linrad would accept this sort of input. 

Linrad could in principle do anything that is not
protected by copyright or by the GNU license.
For protected things a dll or corresponding Linux
module would be needed.

I do not think it would be any good idea to use
a second Ozy because frequency/phase synchronization
would require many signals between the Mercury boards.
I hope the design was made originally to allow
more than one Mercury on the same backplane using
the same OZY board. There have be lines to synchronize
the FPGAs on the different Mercury boards and 
running them from synchronized sampling clocks.
As far as I understand one can phase lock the boards
to a frequency standard so that part should be
OK already.

> Anyone else interested in this sort of thing?
> What are the prospects for this development?
I really do not know. I have not been able to
understand anything of Mercury or Quicksilver/QS1R

It would be fun though to have direct support for
Mercury and Penelope in Linrad. Particularly if
2 or more Mercury boards were allowed:-)


Leif / SM5BSZ

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