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[Linrad] Re: Quartet Soundcard and Linrad and Windows

> I am far from an expert in this area.  Leif suggested to me that what I 
> am seeing might be a function of Linrad's using the standard drivers 
> rather than ASIO or other driver.  The Realtek AC97 in my laptop 
> resamples 'silently', I know from experience.

Under Windows, the best way to have more or less total control of the
sound card is to use the ASIO drivers. Of course, the card must come with
its own ASIO drivers from the manufacturer. Don't use generic ASIO drivers
like the ASIO4ALL. Not every sound card has ASIO drivers, certainly not
the cheap AC'97 chipsets, nor the economical models of Creative, but
serious, professional, cards do have.
With ASIO you are 100% sure that no resampling is done, and there are
much less layers of software between the metal and the application program,
which also means less latency. Musicians use exclusively ASIO for their
applications involving a sound card.

73  Alberto  I2PHD


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