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[Linrad] Re: Linrad-03.00

Hello Stan and all,

> I am using widows. 
> extract to lir03-00
> configure
> make
> run linrad
> setup file missing
> press S
> set font (2)
> high process (y)
> parport (888)
> read pin (10)
> % (90)
> % (90)
> Main Menu appears
> select "U"
> soundcard (2 M Audio Delta44 Multichannel)
> more channel (N)
> speed (96000)
> bits (24)
> radio (2 one rx I/Q)
> Rx output (0)
> press Y to use device (Y)
> Set max DMA rate (100)? I don't understand what this is asking for?
This asks for an upper limit of the hardware DMA rate. 
Your computer must not have any software running that keeps the
processor busy for more than about the inverse of this number.

The soundcard drive routine needs to be serviced before it sends it next
interrupt request..........

Linrad looks at your parameter choices. In case you select parameters
that lead to a significant processing delay Linrad will select big
buffers and use a DMA rate well below the limit you specified.

> save with "W" (W)
> Press D to set up SSB
> parameter selection screen
> "par_ssb file missing"
> ?
> I hit a key and linrad.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close...........tell microsoft 

I am sorry. I forgot a write statement
in the file menu.c

The file dmp is not open so the program crasches.

Please remove the offending line or download linrad-03.00a


Leif / SM5BSZ

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