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[Linrad] Re: Linrad-03.00

Hello again Leif,

I am using widows.

extract to lir03-00

run linrad
setup file missing
press S
set font (2)
high process (y)
parport (888)
read pin (10)
% (90)
% (90)

Main Menu appears

select "U"
soundcard (2 M Audio Delta44 Multichannel)
more channel (N)
speed (96000)
bits (24)
radio (2 one rx I/Q)

Rx output (0)

press Y to use device (Y)

Set max DMA rate (100)  I don't understand what this is asking for?

save with "W" (W)

Press D to set up SSB
parameter selection screen
"par_ssb file missing"
I hit a key and linrad.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close...........tell microsoft

I also tried wlr3-0 and got the same results.....


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Subject: [Linrad] Linrad-03.00

Hi all,

The new version has many enough changes in it to motivate
a change in the major version number.

The baseband filter is now controlled by moving a "handle"
(a yellow line) so you can easily set bandwidths that are wider
than the currently shown graph.

Default parameters are different. They have advanced
features turned off and the idea is that the newcomer
should find a "common receiver" if he selects the defaults
for everything.

(Except for hardware parameters. The user must decide what
sampling rate to use. Linrad can not guess whether he
has connected the soundcard to the output of an SSB transceiver
or whether he has hardware capable of delivering 192 kHz
bandwidth to the soundcard.)

Please test the defaults on your hardware for the processing
modes that you use. Then tell me whether something needs
to be changed to get a reasonable result with the defaults.

Probably you will find new bugs, I have no hardware here
in the Caribbean sunshine so everything is based on what
I have on the hard disk...

The changes from 02-58 to 03-00 are focussed on short
processing delay without loss of (dynamic range) performance.
There are a couple of links at the bottom of the development
page from where you can download Linrad-03.00


Leif / SM5BSZ

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