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Re: Baseband Waterfall

Hi Leif,

Right, well almost :-)

> These numbers represent the current step size for the
> wheel mouse. You can fine tune by use of the wheel mouse
> and by the pressed wheel you can change the step size
> which is in units of the fft2 bins (or fft1 if you do
> not use the second fft)
> It is a two digit number, default is 01 and step size is
> doubled for each value.

The mouse wheel certainly fine tunes, and the steps (for 01)
match the FFT2 bin size as you said.

But pressing the mouse wheel is another matter.
Do you have to put the mouse marker over the numbers?
Not that it seems to matter.
Mostly nothing at all happens to the step size when I click the wheel,
except that just once it went up to 02 in about 10 minutes of playing!

And then how do I get it to go down again?
It is now stuck at 02 :-(

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