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Re: Output Delay Margin

Hi Leif,

> > Every few seconds or so my audio output has a very brief break, maybe
> > 20ms, not much more.
> > Not enough to disturb copy of speech.
> > Does this mean I have something set wrong in the back-end parameters?
> Something is wrong.
> Please put all your parameters in a zip file and send them to me
> and remind me what your system configuration is. Maybe I can
> reproduce it - and if there is something reasonable I
> can do within Linrad I will try to fix it.
> There is always a possibillity you could change the priority of
> the Linrad program (using the Task Manager) to "Bring to Front."

OK, comments much appreciated.
Things are clearer to me now.
Before I bother you with trying out my parameter set,
there are some things I will test.

Currently my output is directed into a Virtual Audio Cable (VAC),
so that I can direct it into WSJT later, and still use the soundcard
output for WSJT to modulate my transmitter.
I am monitoring the audio out of the VAC at the moment.
I can't remember how I configured VAC, but I will look at that.
Obviously the first thing to try is to direct the audio straight to
the soundcard,
and see if the breaks are still there -
they are really just tiny stutters about every 5 seconds.

Soundcard is just the on-board Realtek AC97 - no separate card at

73  Guy
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