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Re: Linrad installation problem

Hello Dom and all,

> some time ago I've done a complete LINRAD installation using Mandrake 10 . I 
> recall this was painfull with many troubles.
> This time I'm trying to do the same with a faster , newer PC , and I get 
> troubles almost from the begining.
I am sorry to hear this because it means that the instructions I have
written are not very good.

> I downloaded it , installed it flawessly , no pb.
> I then followed Leif's instructions:
> 1) Install SVGALIB : not needed , already here.
> 2) Download NASM : done one another PC as my LINRAD PC is NOT connected to 
> the Internet.
>    copied it in /usr , unziped it , and ran ./configure , and troubles 
> starts:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> >  sudo ./configure
> > creating cache ./config.cache
> >
> > checking for prefix by checking for nasm... no
> >
> > checking for gcc... gcc
> >
> > checking whether the C compiler (gcc ) works... no
> >
> > configure: error: installation or configuration problem: C compiler cannot
> > create executables.

As I see it, this means that your statement above "OS is UBUNTU I downloaded 
it , installed it flawessly , no pb." is incorrect!!

You do not (yet) have a proper Linux installation because in Linux you
should always have the compilers, linkers etc installed that you need to
compile Linux itself from source code. Your partial installation needs
the compiler gcc and some other packages libc6, libc6-dev as well as
the development libraries for X11 in case you want (or have to) run
under X11.

To be able to complete your UBUNTU installation you may have to connect
the computer to the Internet. I do not know. Surely it is possible to 
download files that you need on another computer and transfer via 
an USB stick or similar, but you would probably have to read a lot
about where files have to go before being able to place them correctly.)

Like all other modern Linux systems (as far as I know) Ubuntu is
designed to be installed on a computer that is connected to the
Internet. When doing the installation as it is intended you will
have the tools in X11 by which you easily install the missing
packages. As far as I recall, Ubuntu uses something different from
the Debian apt-get, but whatever is there should work easily.

In case you go for a good old Linux like RedHat 9 you will find
that you get a complete Linux installation without Internet.
(Unfortunately you can not expect it to support modern hardware...)

> My friend Xtof ON4IY told me that in Debian , I should not have done it this 
> way , and that I must to run apt command
> I did so , but as NASM is not in data base , and as I cannot get it via the 
> Internet , I cannot go further , as I don't know what to do.
Oooh! You have NASM already (in source code)

You MUST have the gcc compiler anyway to compile Linrad so you should
get that first and then your error when trying to compile nasm
will disappear.

> Question to W3SZ ( who I cannot reach directly via E mail). I saw somewhere 
> it is possible to get directly operationnal LINRAD via a LIVE CD , is it 
> still available , how to get it if rigth , and what operations must be done 
> when download cannot be done from the Linrad PC ( but OK on another one)?
There is the option to put linrad.exe on a floppy (together with help.lir
and errors.lir) and use the command prompt (DOS window) under Microsoft:
(logged to the floppy) to type 'linrad'

There is no installation procedure:-)


Leif / SM5BSZ

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