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Re: Linrad installation problem

HI Dom,


This way I am getting your emails!!

I will comment below point by point.


Roger Rehr

Quoting f6dro <f6dro@xxxxxxxxxx>:

> Hello ,
> some time ago I've done a complete LINRAD installation using Mandrake 10 . I
> recall this was painfull with many troubles.
> This time I'm trying to do the same with a faster , newer PC , and I get
> troubles almost from the begining.
> I downloaded it , installed it flawessly , no pb.
> I then followed Leif's instructions:
> 1) Install SVGALIB : not needed , already here.
> 2) Download NASM : done one another PC as my LINRAD PC is NOT connected to
> the Internet.
>    copied it in /usr , unziped it , and ran ./configure , and troubles
> starts:

Things would be much easier if you were connected to the internet.  I 
would strongly suggest that you connect the Ubuntu computer to the 
internet.  You will find every aspect of maintaining it unbelievably 
more difficult if you are not connected to the internet.  Even 
maintaining it and getting updates and bug fixed for the operating 
system is designed to work with you on the internet.  So this is 
probably the most important thing I can say.  Having said that, it will 
be possible but markedly more difficult to get things going without 
direct internet access.  If the problem is one of physical location of 
the computer, I would suggest moving it to where it can access the 
internet during initial setup of Linrad, and then periodically for 
updates.  If it is one of not having a NIC card, I would strongly 
recommend getting one.

Your friend was correct.  You cannot just copy the files and expect the 
operating system to find them.  I believe you will have to install them 
using the debian process.  At the very least type "updatedb" after you 
have done your copying, but I do not think that will be sufficient.

You need to download the Ubuntu .deb file for nasm.
You can do this from:
http://packages.ubuntu.com/dapper/devel/nasm if you have dapper, and 
you can change the url for other versions;  e.g.
http://packages.ubuntu.com/gutsy/devel/nasm for gutsy, etc.

You can use the Debian package system with a .deb file you have placed 
on your computer.  I used to have a description of how to do this on 
one of my web pages, but I cannot find it today so I suspect that I 
deleted it as something no one would try to do anymore.  The main 
problem you will have is that you need to have all of the packages on 
which there are dependencies on your computer, too.

You need to put the .deb files into a directory e.g. /download/ and then type:
" dpkg -i /download/nasm_0.98.38-1.2build1_i386.deb or whatever the 
name of the file is.

You can also use apt-get with local files:  See
http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-basico.en.html and then 
section 2.2

I suspect you will want to use dpkg ;)

Try dpkg and report back if you have problems!  You can use this for 
nasm-*.deb or any .deb file.  Again, the main problem is the 
dependencies, which apt-get takes care of automatically IF you are 
connected to the internet.
>>  sudo ./configure
>> creating cache ./config.cache
>> checking for prefix by checking for nasm... no
>> checking for gcc... gcc
>> checking whether the C compiler (gcc ) works... no
>> configure: error: installation or configuration problem: C compiler cannot
>> create executables.

So you also need to get gcc [and all of its dependencies] installed by 
the same method.

You can get build-essential.deb' and I think that will install the set 
of files:

libc6-dev | libc-dev

http://packages.ubuntu.com/dapper/devel/build-essential is the url.
Just google "packagename Ubuntu" to find the Ubuntu page to download 
the .deb file for whatever "packagename" you want, Dom.

> My friend Xtof ON4IY told me that in Debian , I should not have done it this
> way , and that I must to run apt command
> I did so , but as NASM is not in data base , and as I cannot get it via the
> Internet , I cannot go further , as I don't know what to do.

See above.  I hope that the case is solv-ed ;)

> Question to W3SZ ( who I cannot reach directly via E mail). I saw somewhere
> it is possible to get directly operationnal LINRAD via a LIVE CD , is it
> still available , how to get it if rigth , and what operations must be done
> when download cannot be done from the Linrad PC ( but OK on another one)?

The LiveCD is no longer available because the OS [knoppix] became very 
outdated and I no longer had the time to keep it up.  Instead I made a 
debian repository version of Linrad that will install via the debian 
mechanism.  This is also long-in-the-tooth now.  The URL for it is at:


If you can't use apt-get from the internet, you need to download the file from

[I also have there the file
/usr/www/users/nitehawk/w3sz/debs/dists/etch/contrib/binary-i386/xlinrad-1000.deb but I forget how that differs from the basic 

and then use the technique for installing from a .deb file you have 
placed on your computer that I outlined above.  Or, if you want to 
punish yourself for not having internet access, try to install it using 
the apt-get method described on the web page just referenced.  ;)

In either case, you will have to deal with multiple dependencies, as I recall.

Of course, if you were hooked up to the internet, it would be just

"apt-get install xlinrad" to get up and running and the computer would 
do the rest.

Please let me know how the above works.



> 73 Dom/F6DRO
> >

Roger Rehr

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