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RE: [linrad] Pointer needed SUSE 9.0 pro

It is a Linux issue, not a distribution issue.  That said, SUSE is
apparently ready to charge you enough money to do the development if you
want to pay for it.  Remember (hopefully I am not boring everyone)
distributions are not the kernel.  They are boatloads of extras
thrown on the kernel.

Linux will simply never compete until such time as it can keep up
with these fancy hardware changes that Windows seems to be able to
do the day they come out (primarily because HW manufacturers, knowing
they need to sell to Micro$oft users, make sure of it).  I have
a really fancy computer doing SDR work in my lab at work with two
of the best rated highest speed S-ATA drives in it.  The goal was
to dual boot.  Well, I can, by adding a 120 GB EIDE drive to the
EIDE port on the same board. ;-(.  So it has one great drive on
the Windows side, one inert S-ATA drive, waiting on bloody linux
and UDMA-100 drive running Linux for me to pretend I am doing
the work I need to do.

I am aggravated and getting more so by the day.  I need to stream
high speed data off the USRP to do some analysis.  The EIDE just
won't cut it and the SATA will.  It's my own fault for not being
more sure but now my budget is spent.  Sooner or later, it will


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I've got the same problem.
I tryed to install Suse9 on my AMD 2600+ 768MB ASUS A7V600 and Serial ATA-

Is there any distribution which can handle serial-ata?
I'm a total newcommer to linux. I only tried knoppix a few times.

Thanks Sebastian , DG5CST