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[linrad] adding serial ports via PCI card vs USB serial adapters and Linux / Linrad

Hello, All,

As long as I am asking questions of the list:

1.  I need more serial ports on my computer operating under Linux.  I have  
two options; buy a PCI card such as a RocketPort Universal PCI Quadcable  
DB9 [I have an old Rocketport ISA on another computer that's worked well  
for about 8 years], or get a USB-Serial adapter that is supported under  
Linux Kernel 2.4.22 and later, such as the Keyspan USA-49W.

I would of course want the serial port to work under Linrad.

Any suggestions about what people have had success with under Linux?

I would be using my old trusty RHL 8.0.  I assume I can update its Kernel  
to 2.4.22 but I haven't tried.

MY first thought is to go with the Keyspan USA49WLC.


I prefer this as I have more USB ports than PCI slots left, and it costs  
quite a bit less than the PCI card solution.  I don't need high speed  
serial transfers.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!


Roger Rehr

Roger Rehr