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[linrad] Soundcards and Linrad

Hello All,

Its been awhile since I asked:

Is anyone actually using anything that's worked out even better than the  
MAudio Delta44  as a soundcard for Linrad, running in the I/Q mode with a  
wide bandwidth suitable for the superb Antennspecialisten hardware [96 KHz  
sampling rate, nearly 96 KHz bandwidth]?

I believe that the Lynx 2, for example, looked like it might be better but  
then Leif found that it had quite a a bit of phase noise making it less  
suitable for a wideband high dynamic range receiver [which is what I want].

I know Bob McGwier was doing some very interesting tests on sound cards,  
too, but I've had my head in the sand at work and have been out of the  
loop as far as this stuff goes recently.

The 2004 ARRL EME contest is getting close and I want to be ready to  
receive ;)


Roger Rehr

Roger Rehr