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[linrad] RE: Speech processing (Linrad-01.25)

> Some 20 years ago I built an HF transceiver using the Plessey
> SL600 chips and SL521 limiter in the IF with ladder filters before and
> after the clipping. I would be interested to know whether what is
> essentially an analogue problem/solution is "cheap and easy" to
> implement digitally.

Without knowing exactly what the SL600 and SL521 chips are I am
pretty sure the answer is yes. Any processing is easy to implement:-)

One of the things I find particularly interesting is that I find
audio clipping better than RF clipping at really low signal levels.
Maybe it is just because I did not spend enough time to find the
optimum amount of clipping in each case, maybe it is because I
did not optimise the filter characteristis. I hope to be able
to implement something in Linrad that is truly optimum and I want
to do that on the basis of real evidence.


Leif / SM5BSZ