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[linrad] Feedback about the voicelab tests

Hi Leif,

On Friday 24 September 2004 20:43, Leif Åsbrink wrote:

> I would be interested in some feedback on your findings if you
> are interested to take the time to do some statistics on
> how you can copy at different signal levels. My interest is
> twofold. Firstly I want to know for sure how it really is
> for several different voices before I write what I think one
> should do to avoid the ALC generated splatter in modern
> transceivers. Secondly I want to know what types of processing
> to implement for the Linrad transmitter.

Here are the results of my tests:

I used the same set of testparameters as in tabel 1 from the the   'Linrad 
Voice Lab'  web page.
Each value is based on 100 measurements.

The first set of measurements was made with your phonetics.
The second set of measurements was made with my own phonetics.
First set of measurement with your phonetics:
Noise level=6db
	voicepar1:	8%
	voicepar2:	50%
	voicepar3:		85%
	voicepar4:	80%
	voicepar9:	80%

Noise level=9db
	voicepar2:	32%
	voicepar3:		70%
	voicepar4:	53%
	voicepar9:	70%

Noise level=12db
	voicepar3:		50%
	voicepar4:	36%
	voicepar9:	42%
Second  set of measurement with my phonetics:
Noise level=6db
	voicepar1:	39%
	voicepar2:	65%
	voicepar3:		86%
	voicepar4:	84%
	voicepar9:	66%

Noise level=9db
	voicepar2:	53%
	voicepar3:		70%
	voicepar4:	59%
	voicepar9:	62%

Noise level=12db
	voicepar3:		39%
	voicepar4:	28%
	voicepar9:	46%
Hope that is of some interest.

Best 73,