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Re: Is the 2.6.9 kernel the villian? WAS Re: [linrad] Which distros are free?

Basically I am going to agree with Kohjin but I possibly have used
Redhat more so I am adding a few more comments:

1) I am also just starting to look at Fedora 3. I am intrigued with your
problem with insmod and would like to verify it.

2) You can certainly use a different kernel version (and have both
bootable on the same machine). Most simple programs compiled on Fedora
will run on older kernels (like Redhat 7.3). The other way round,
compiled on 7.3 might not run on Fedora. As an aside I have a Qt
application written on 7.3 which I gave up trying to get compiled and
working on Fedora with the different Qt versions. We now use Java rather
than Qt.

3) I used gcc3.1 for a long time with Redhat 7.3 (because gcc2.95 did
not support packed structures). Download the source, and compile your
own. Note the main compile (make) takes several hours. Set it running
before you go to bed....

73 Brian, now VK4BAP rather than Zl1CWN
- hence no amateur radio for a while, but I am following the list.