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Re: [linrad] Which distros are free?

I apologize my ignorance since my last post at June 2003.
I was forced to give up my 10GHz EME due to the narrow garden where
my family doesn't accept to place a dish. :-(
I sold out the 300W TWTA already but the crank up tower still stands fine
for the possible 144MHz EME some years (:-) later, maybe before EME 
Conference 2006.
Sorry for the off topic first. . .

Now let me write my experience of the Linux distribution Debian.
I'd been using Red Hat first for Linrad but due to the switching console trouble
and also due to the speed and/or CPU usage I went to Debian.
I recall there was a huge advantage in comparison to Red Hat!
Installation of Debian is not easy task but not that too bad if you're not 
*inux newbie.
I won't go back to any other distribution, never!

A few days ago, I needed to measure the spectrum of SACD player, ultrasonic range
100KHz and up to about 2MHz.
(Yes, I'm now at my 2nd hobby Audio:-)
What I did was to upgrade Debian kernel from 2.4.20 to 2.6.10 and gcc to 3.4.
Upgrade was easy for me and the latest svgalib-1.9.19 was also easy to compile.
However, "insmod" gave an error something like "...different format" 
(sorry, forgot).
It was turned out that gcc should be older 2.95 and kernel 2.4 not 2.6.
Now the latest Linrad is running flawlessly and I have finished the audio 
Though I had forgotten most of the usage of even Linux/Linrad especially on 
(again!) then it took some time but I'm pleased now as before.

Kiss to Debian and Linrad!

Kohjin - JR1EDE

At 17:56 05/01/08 -0700, you wrote:
>conrad@xxxxxxxxx (G0RUZ Conrad) writes:
>> For instance I see that Red Hat have this Fedora project now.
>Given your experience with Red Hat, you may find Fedora to be the most
>familiar choice.
>I modestly suggest that you also have a look at Debian.   www.debian.org
>A number of hams are Debian developers, and there's even a 'hamradio' section
>in the archive.  The 'sarge' version is nearing release and would be a good
>place to start.
>73 - Bdale, KB0G
>a former Debian Project Leader, among other things...