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Re: [linrad] Front end for Linrad

If I recall correctly, there are some licencing issues with Qt - the MS Windoze code is not open source. Whether that bothers anyone is another matter, but it would restrict the ability to port to Windoze. I'm well aware Linrad is primarily (perhaps exclusively) a Linux project, but people do tend to port code.

WxWidgets http://www.wxwindows.org/ is a free open-source GUI which seems to offer the same as Qt, but without the licencing issues.

I'm no fan of Windoze, and have not compared Qt to WxWindows, but just mention Qt is not the only library of its type, and it not the most portable (for free software).

All other things being equal (and they might not be of course) I would tend to keep aware from something that is tied too much to one commerical company.

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