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Re: [linrad] Front end for Linrad

If I recall correctly, there are some licencing issues with Qt - the MS Windoze code is not open source. Whether that bothers anyone is another matter, but it would restrict the ability to port to Windoze.

There is a version of Qt that is on a CD for the book "C++ GUI Programming with Qt 3" that allows you to write open source Windows software and distribute it. They even throw in Borland compilers with the deal.

The book is available from discount houses for about USD 35.00. I am playing with it a bit here, and it is to be fully functional. It does put "Non Comercial" in the title bar of each of your application's windows though.

The book itself is available for viewing at http://phptr.com/content/images/0131240722/downloads/blanchette_book.pdf. It's a pretty big download.

-Joe KM1P