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RE: [linrad] Front end for Linrad

The next major step in Linrad development will hopefully be
a restructuring to a multi-threaded program. Once that has been
finalized it will become much easier to separate user control from
program execution.

I do not use X myself but I think some people have managed to 
get Linrad going under X while others have failed. I think
it depends on what svgalib driver has been used.

It should be possible to switch between Linrad and the normal X-screen
if you want to set parameters by changing the parameter files but
you should not do it while Linrad is running because the parameters
are read into memory when execution starts.

When changing mode parameters you can leave the processing with "X"
then change parameters and resume with "B". To change soundcard
parameters and other things in par_userint you have to go to the 
main menu before changing.

Illegal parameter combinations will force the default parameters
or prompt to the parameter selection routine.

Since Linrad starts rapidly I use ESC to exit, then change terminal
with alt and a number 1 to 6 to get another terminal in which I have 
parameter files in joe, my favourite text editor. Just type in the change,
save, alt back to where I run Linrad, press "l" to restart.

l is a symbolic link to linrad which resides in /usr/bin


Leif / SM5BSZ

> I was thinking it would be relatively easy (in theory at least) and 
> worthwhile doing a GUI frontend to set up all the various parameters and 
> windows etc in Linrad as all these are held in various text files.
> The main signal processing would still occur as now, because of the need 
> for rapid processing and video access. However,all the various testing 
> and setup routines would be somewhat easier in a graphical interface, 
> and some context sensitive help could be added. This would make the 
> package a little easier for new users 
> I am thinking of training myself up in a suitable language such as 
> wxPython or possibly C++ using the Trolltech Qt program. Most of the 
> work for a GUI has already been done in these packages, with widgets 
> already written for most common GUI objects. It might take a while so 
> dont hold your breath!
> Does anyone think this is a good idea? Alternatively has anyone already 
> done any work on this?
>  Richard