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Re: [linrad] Fedora, mandrake, and debian

Debian Woody 3.0 r4 is a very new release of a very old set of packages.

If you would like to try Debian please give the testing / sarge
pre-release a try.

If you go to:

You will find a few different types of installers.  I like the business
card CD:
It has enough to boot your machine and then download the most recent
files via the network.  If this works then you know the NIC will be
suported once the install is done.

You will see a HUGE improvement in the quality of the installer.

If you want a 2.6 kernel it is a boot option to use.  I do not remember
what is it right now, but if you go thrugh the F1 F2 etc. screens at the
time of the CD boot up you will see the option.

							Later, JOSH