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Re: [linrad] Fedora, mandrake, and debian

Hello Roger, Josh and the list!

I agree with Josh, download the new "sarge" installer with the business
card, and install the rest from the Internet. I am a very satisfied
Debian user, I would recomend it for you as I think you are not a Linux
newbie. I installed the old "woody" version two years ago and all I can
say is that it is  great!! I think it worths the inittial effort. Once
you have the system working, you have learnt many things about linux and
you have a solid rock system. The new "sarge" installer is much more
better than the older. The most important value of Debian is the perfect
upgrading system and the effort of the community in providing a secure
system. You only need a command to upgrade to the latest versions all
the system.
I have linrad working nice in an old 486 machine running the "woody"
version.  Also have got it working fine in my 1200 MHz athlon computer
running "sarge". I have working perfectly my printer, digital camera, tv
card, DVD burner, scanner, etc...
Even with the new installer, perhaps you will have some trouble getting
the X window system, but it usually do not represent any big trouble.
Some /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 file editing  will do.

I encourage you give Debian a try, and you will not be disapointed. You
will never go back, instead, you will search for even more avanced OSes
. I am giving Gentoo Linux a try, and also playing with FreeBSD system
(not Linux), that surprisingly has got a "linrad package". Debian will
let you much more control than other easier distros. Debian is for me,
one of the most free operating systems in the world.

Give it a try, do not abandon in the next two or three days, and you
never will go back. What in the beginning is more difficult, magically
turns easier in the long term.

See you on the air. Sorry for may bad english.