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Re: [linrad] Hilbert transform - looking for code.

Basically what's involved is merely
(1) generating an analytic filter pair by designing a lowpass real FIR and multiplying it point-by-point by a cosine and sine to form a single complex impulse response
(2) filtering the input with the resulting complex FIR filter.
All of the voodoo is in step (1), and that is only low-grade magic :-)

There are also a number of simple IIR designs, but these all suffer from phase non-linearities near the bandedges, and thus aren't suitable for general applications.


Mark Erbaugh wrote:

Sorry, but I don't have any code to help you. I tried unsuccessfully looking
for some last year.  If you come across any that isn't posted to the
reflector (i.e. private email), could you please forward the information to
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I'm looking for some software to perform a Hilbert Transform...