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Re: [linrad] RE: Linrad and Fedora Core 3

w3sz@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hi, Leif,

Actually I am still VERY interested in Fedora Core 3.

As you recall, it installed completely in about 30 minutes and worked with XWindows and everything except svgalib.

So far I have spent about 20 hours on Mandrake, Debian, Ubuntu and have yet to have anyone of them work with xwindows.

Today I found that Ubuntu couldn't start Xwindows, but it DID find the network card OK.  It wouldn't let me set the root password [I later discovered that the default mode is to have no root set up] and I decided to try "Sarge"

Debian "Sarge" found the network, but wouldn't start X windows.  I figured out how to get to an ftp site to download a new version of XFree86, but didn't know my version of glibc, which was apparently necessary, so I just gave up after trying several suggestions on how to figure that out, none of which worked.

I think UBUNTU uses Debian Installer, at least they seem to be very
similar at the eye. If you want to activate root user under UBUNTU, you
only have to write " passwd root", if I recall well. It is very strange
that UBUNTU could not start the Xwindow system, as it has got a good
hardware autodetection, when I tried it It went well. Perhaps your video
card is too new. You can try to
look at the /etc/X11/xorg.conf(or)XF86Config-4 at Fedora and try to fix
UBUNTU or Debian, mainly to see what card driver they use. If Debian
found the network you have access to the internet, you only have to do
apt-get install whateverpackagename to install the software, provided
that you have /etc/apt/sources.list file pointing to some ftp or http
servers, what I supose the installer did, if it did not, I send you my

deb ftp://ftp.fi.debian.org/pub/debian/ sarge main non-free contrib

Good luck.

I decided to work on things I really need to work right now, and moved on to other things.

Ok, you can try and experiment Debian later ;-). Sure Fedora works
quickly out of the box, but sure you will run into problems later when
upgrading software, hi,hi...
Debian systems need to be installed once in the life of the computer. I
know that Debian losses many possible users cause the Xwindows initial
failure. When I installed the woody version, it also failed to start X.
Is your card suported in the XFree version Debian sarge provides? What
card type have you got in your FEDORA Xwindow config file?. I mean the

Section "Device"
        Identifier      "Generic Video Card"
        Driver          "nv" # I have a very cheap NVIDIA Riva TNT Card

You didnt give us details why X windows did not start. Some times it do
not work cause the video card driver settings, sometimes even fails
because the mouse settings.... You can ran "dpkg-reconfigure
xserver-xfree86" to redo the Debian config steps, or even test some config
stuff XFree86 comes with, like

"xf86cfg -textmode" will do an easy configuration program. I do not know
if Debian Sarge uses XFree or Xorg X server (I thinkk that the former), but they come with
similar config programs. It could be something like "xorgcfg -textmode",
if I remember well from my Gentoo and FreeBSD experiments.

Good luck.
Ramiro, EA1ABZ.

So if there is a way to keep FC3 working with svgalib, I AM VERY INTERESTED.  None of the other flavors of Linux have gotten as far here.  and the ratio of time spent to get a non-working Non-Fedora Linux installation  vs a working Fedora Installation is about 40:1 at this point!!

So I am going to read your post carefully and see if I can get Fedora to work.

Thanks and 73,