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[linrad] RE: Which distros are free?

> > I'm a bit suspicious of Redhat myself - I personally see them 
> as the new 
> > Microsoft. The fact Redhat are sponsoring Fedora makes me 
> suspicious and 
> > good enough reason not to use that distro.
> Good point David! That is the reason why I love Debian. It is a non 
> profit organitation and as you said, has got a "hamradio" section in the 
> archive.

I am also suspicious to RedHat (as well as SuSE) but I am thankful to
both companies as well. I would certainly not have been capable of 
starting my Linrad project without them:-)

Even now when I have acquired a little knowledge of Linux, Debian is 
too complicated for me. I tried to install it last week and found
many things in the installation process very satisfactory compared
to what I have been used to. It was quite a bit more complicated
though and I had to guess many things (that may have been unimportant 
to me) Finally, when I had a working installation I found out that 
svgalib did not compile because the kernel files were for another 
kernel..... (several kernels actually, but not the one I had had
to select to boot from the CD on my computer)

I tried to compile the kernel and moved the new one into the boot 
directory which destroyed the system completely. I did not want
to go through the process of learning Lilo and the boot process 
again because the whole Debian installation is not for Linux novices
like me or any MS Windows using radio amateur who is going to set 
up his first Linrad system. SuSE, RedHat, Fedora and Mandrake can 
be installed without prior knowledge of Linux or Unix and for that
I am grateful to the companies.


Leif / SM5BSZ