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Re: [linrad] Which distros are free?

I'm a bit suspicious of Redhat myself - I personally see them as the new Microsoft. The fact Redhat are sponsoring Fedora makes me suspicious and good enough reason not to use that distro.

Good point David! That is the reason why I love Debian. It is a non profit organitation and as you said, has got a "hamradio" section in the archive.

I modestly suggest that you also have a look at Debian.   www.debian.org
A number of hams are Debian developers, and there's even a 'hamradio' section in the archive. The 'sarge' version is nearing release and would be a good
place to start.

I like the Debian too, although it's not as easy to set up as Redhat. As you say there is a lot of ham stuff. I'm using Debian on the machine I'm sending this from.

Now the new Debian (Sarge)installer is better, with improved hardware detection. But it does not matter as Debian must be installed only once on the computer life ;-) Upgrading is a very smooth process. The first two weeks you will a bit lost with Debian, but as soon as you learn it, everything makes sense.


Ramiro, EA1ABZ

73 - Bdale, KB0G
a former Debian Project Leader, among other things...