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[linrad] ALSA(continued)

The previous mail was sent by mistake. I had to leave home and
intended to save the mail but pressed the send button insetad by
mistake;-)  Here is the rest of the message (Below is the first 
part if you did not read before.)

Under alsa, Linrad can only use the 16 bit format. The alsa 
driver does not respond properly to the enquiery about what 
formats it is capable of supplying. 

I have downloaded the latest alsa source code in an attempt to
install alsa from source but I soon found it was a far too big
project to me. I did look a little at the C-code and it is quite 
clear that the alsa-oss interface does not support the 32 bit
format of oss. I was unable to find out how the mechanisms
that set speed and other parameters work so I could not judge
if the return value incompatibility has been resolved.

In all, I have decided to stay with oss for the time being.
As far as I can see alsa works beautifully now, but the alsa-oss
interface is not yet fully oss compatible.


Leif / SM5BSZ

> Hi all,
> Fedora comes with alsa but I can not make Linrad use it properly.
> The problem is that alsa does not conform to the OSS specifications
> even though the documentation says it should. The problem is that
> the functions for setting speed, no of channels and other things
> do not return the value actually set by the device driver. The
> oss document says quite explicitly that you may set a sampling speed
> of many MHz and that the call to ioctl will then return the
> highest speed the device is capable of in case the value asked
> for is too high.
> Running Linrad with alsa works fine though. All devices show up as
> capable of four channels with 192 kHz sampling rate but that is just
> a reflection of the incompatibility of the ioctl interface.
> As long as one knows what the hardware really is capable of and
> does not set any parameter outside what the hardware can do, Linrad
> works fine. I can set the sampling speed of the Delta 44 from the
> "U" menu