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Re: [linrad] svgalib 1.9.19 doesn't work in kernel 2.6 and also ongcc 3.4

Kohjin Yamada wrote:
> Hello Ramiro,
> Yes it's already installed.
> BTW, are you working with svgalib 1.9.19 in Debian?
> If so, what is your kernel and gcc version?
> Kohjin

Hello Kohjin.

It was just a guess :-(

No, I am working with the old svgalib 1.4, as I see that there is not 
svgalib 1.9.x  package in Debian, even in the unstable branch.

Now I have not much time to play with it. Hope in the coming months I 
will have more free time and be able to test it.