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[linrad] Linrad running!

today I managed to get my Linrad setup working.
Got hold of another sound board (another CMI PCI) because I thought the ISA
board I am using could have been the problem. Configured the boards in YaST,
launched Linrad - still no sound!
Spent another hour on the new mixer settings and then frustrated decided to
reconfigure Linrad. And that was it! (SuSE 9.1, svgalib 1.9.19, ALSA)

Now I am trying to get used to the different modes and controls.

Two things I am not happy with:

I find the sound is not very comfortable to listen to. The audio is a bit
rough to my ears and sounds slightly distorted at times, although the gain
graph says it is between the two valid limits.

I am missing the parameter boxes on my screen (fft1 avgn, Waterfall avg,
etc.) I have other small boxes, having only the figures in them, but
pointing at them and pressing F1 tells me what they are for and they are
functional, means I can change the parameter.

Any idea?

I have no permanent EME setup here so I cannot compare the results to
another receiver. Right now I run Linrad at SSB bandwith, but I have plans
to go for more.
Will send my setup parameters to the Data base later.

Tnx for support: ON5GN, KJ7F, WA6KBL, F9HS, N4HY and others.

Daniel, DL3IAE


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