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[linrad] oss3992a bug

The latest OSS version, oss3992a has a bug. It does not 
return the speed actually used by the hardware as a response 
to a set speed command. The OSS API specification clearly
states that it should do so, but it does not. 
(OSS programmers guide p 35)

When you type 6000 as the wanted speed, the normal behaviour 
of Linrad using OSS versions up to oss3991h will be to to
return the value 8000 in case that is the lowest speed supported
by your hardware. 

oss3992a will set the speed to 8000 but it returns the value 6000
to linrad and that leads to audio dropouts because the output
will run 33% faster than Linrad thinks it does. This is exactly
the same problem as we see with ALSA.

An indication that something is wrong, you can see that the 
speed numbers given on the "U" menu do not agree with your 
hardware specification. In this respect oss3992a is identical
with ALSA.

I have done the test using Fedora 3. That is the only 2.6.x
kernel I have running here. oss392a is for 2.6.0 and above.

I hope this problem will be corrected in the next oss release:-)


Leif / SM5BSZ